Paul got baptized again

Posted on September 1, 2010 at 9:30 pm in

I was saved as a small child but really don’t remember anything about it, got baptized when I was 13 or so, and got saved for sure when I was 17. So it’s only taken me 20 years but I decided to get baptized again since I wasn’t really sure if the baptism followed the salvation like it should. Now I know.

Personal oddities

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We all have little things about our personality that we recognize as personal quirks that we don’t necessarily share with others,  or hope they just don’t notice.  Or if they do they notice, we hope they either ignore it or get over it because, hey, that’s just how we are.

I had a recent experience where a friend of mine revealed to me that they have what appears to be the exact same personal quirk I do.  What made it so cool is that I’ve realized for years that – OK, this is different than most everybody but I’m stuck with it, so be it, maybe I’m a little crazy, oh well.

But hey, if it’s not just you….you’re not crazy, right? :)

Trip to Indianapolis

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As mentioned earlier, my Dad was recently awarded his Doctoral degree so we took a trip to Indy to see his graduation.

We drove up over the course of two days – we broke it up to avoid an insurrection from the little one. We stopped at a hotel in Lexington, KY so we could swim and relax and then made it up to Indy in time for my Dad’s graduation. The following day we toured downtown Indianapolis with my sister and one of her sons, had dinner with my extended family, and then went to take a look at the house my parents just bought. We came back over two days also and stopped at another hotel with a pool in Knoxville, TN and then made it home the following day. Not the most relaxing vacation with all that driving but it was nice to get away for a little bit.

Congratulations, Dad!

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I believe my father is now the youngest person ever to receive a Doctoral degree in our family – congratulations Dr. Lee!

Dr. Lee and family

Visit from the Gordon’s

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April’s sister Lendy, her husband Eddie, and their “kids” Ashley and Joshua paid us a visit on their way home from a trip. We don’t get to see them very often so it was very nice of them to stop by. We didn’t have a lot of time but we played around the house and took them out to the Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville to see the critters. Bella was thrilled to have them over since she was positive they only came to see her :)

Myrtle Beach trip

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We had a voucher for two nights at the Marriott Resort in Myrtle Beach for $99 so we decided to use it.  The fine print (of course) was that we had to attend a sales pitch where they would try to sell us a time-share – errr I mean, we would be presented with the opportunity to buy…

Tell ya what, if you have 30-40 grand burning a hole in your pocket it wouldn’t be that bad of an investment.  We stayed in a two-bedroom condo that probably would run 500 a night as a hotel; my first thought when I walked into the place was, “We could live here”.

The resort is on the beach plus they have two regular pools and a large kiddie area with slides and fountains, etc.  We spent a lot of time in the kid’s section but we did make it over to the ‘adult side’ and out to the beach too.

One of the coolest things happened while we were at the beach.  We were just walking along and I see a lady that I’m passing out of the corner of my eye and I think “that’s weird, she looks just like Brandi” (a friend of ours) and “her kid looks just like Bayli”  - and it turns out that those two look so much like them because….they are them.  April and Bella got to hang out with Brandi and Bayli on the beach and I got to play in the surf with my friend John (the husband/dad), it really made the day.

Two days went by super-fast but it was very relaxing and nice to get away but still only be a few hours away from home.

Update:  I guess we knew this but forgot all about it – because we did go to the sales pitch and didn’t trash their room, they refunded the $99; so we got to stay for free!

Three years old

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It’s a bit hard to fathom at times that our little, tiny baby isn’t a little, tiny baby anymore.

I’m sure that will be the first line on the entry for June 1, 2023 when she turns 16 too.

Bella turned three this year and we decided to throw a real-deal birthday bash that everybody she knew was welcome to come to. The shocker is just how many friends a three-year-old can have. Not everybody came to her little soirée but between kids and adults I think we were pushing 50 people.

There are more details on Bella’s blog but I thought I’d post the full batch of pics we have from the party here as I tend to only post pictures on BellaBlog that have Bella in them.

Twitter and Facebook

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This whole blog thing started out as an experiment several years ago.  It’s been quite a learning experience and I think I might have even been on the bleeding edge of publishing by live-blogging my daughter’s birth.  Today live-blogging happens at big events all the time (probably not births, still :) ) and so does sharing to as many publishing feeds as possible.

That’s where I’ve gotten a bit behind the curve on here; April and I would write a post on the blogs and that would be it – if you wanted to see it, you needed to come to the site and see it.  Maybe it’s time to send the posts to where the readers are…

I’ve decided to share this site and our daughter’s site to more of our friends and family by allowing the RSS feed to publish to facebook and twitter as they appear to be holding on longer than your ordinary passing fad.

I’ve always been down on those two services but if I have two blogs talking about personal stuff (obviously I am a complete narcissist, right?) – potentially to complete strangers – I suppose I shouldn’t knock other services that basically do the same thing.

BTW – if you do fall into the friends or family category and you’re on the twitter, you can follow there with @bellarose6107 and @pdl123456

Easter trip to Jacksonville

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Usually we stay home for Easter but this year we went down to Jacksonville to spend some time with family down there.  Ordinarily our trips are whirlwind affairs  - drive down, stay for a day or so, drive back, get a bogus ticket in some one-stopsign town in South Carolina, get back to work.  So this time we spent an extra day all to ourselves down on the beach.  The beach time made things very relaxing but what also helped a ton was by staying an extra day we managed to drive back home with barely any traffic because everybody else who had rushed back home was gone already – gonna have to do that more often.

I almost had a heart attack today.

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My wonderful, beautiful, loving, awesome wife of what?….nearly 14 years did something today that has never, EVER happened before when I am present.

She pumped her own gas at the gas station!

Now it’s not like she never pumps her own gas – it’s just that whenever I’m there, she always makes me do it.

I was shocked.  SHOCKED I tell you.

April pumping her own gas!

April pumping her own gas!