June 2002

Puerto Rican Vacation

Posted on June 12, 2002 at 6:00 pm in

We spent a week in Puerto Rico.  It’s definitely a beautiful place but I doubt we will ever go again.  The resort we stayed at was very nice but once we left the resort we felt like we were in a third-world country, not a part of the US.  We went for a walk through a park that was near the resort and some local kids followed us shouting stuff like ‘Hey American, gimme some money’ and junk like that.  What bothered me most was that if they were calling me “American” they must not consider themselves Americans which I thought was really sad.  There are just so many other gorgeous tropical islands in the world that Puerto Rico got put into our personal travel classification as a place everyone should visit – ONCE.

So anyways,  here are some pictures we took around the hotel:

These are some pictures we took wandering around PR, places I don’t distinctly remember:

And we took these at the Bacardi plant where we had a tour:

We spent an afternoon at Fort San Cristobal; the Spaniards built it to protect San Juan in the 1780′s from land-based attacks and we actually used it in World War II.

We spent another afternoon at Fort El Morro which is another Spanish fort that they built to protect San Juan from sea-based attacks.  Part of the fort was a nice wide grassy area that served as a great park to fly a kite from since they have a lot of wind there.

Finally, we went on a snorkeling trip to enjoy the sun and blue water.  Poor April can’t swim and there was one point where she thought she was going to drown but other than that :) , it was an absolute blast: