October 2007

Eurofest 2007

Posted on October 14, 2007 at 11:27 pm in

We made a return trip to the large car show that happens every year at the BMW plant. It’s very different when you have a small baby with you – she was a real trooper through the whole thing though.

This year was particularly cool for me – I got to drive the M5 on a small test track. I was let down by it though (I suspect they had turned the horsepower way down on these things); while I was driving it I kept having the notion that if I was in our IS350 I would just completely spank it. Even our now departed ’01 750iL might have been able to keep time with it with the exception of biting into the corners as hard – which is why I really think they detuned it. But hey – I got to drive an M5!

From EuroFest 2007

Go-cart racing

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We were visited by April’s sisters Shasta and LaVona along with Shasta’s kids Mark, Victoria, and Luke so for a little bit of fun we went go-cart racing.

We saw something funny while we were there – see if you can guess what it was.