March 2009

Kitchen floor makeover – stained concrete

Posted on March 11, 2009 at 2:34 pm in

I tiled our kitchen floor when we remodeled the kitchen – unfortunately I apparently didn’t do enough prep work to the underlying floor for the tile and after several months the mortar started to crack. The floor isn’t perfectly level and while I did put down tile backer boards it wasn’t good enough.  The floor still got compliments and unless you walked on it every day you probably wouldn’t even notice but it really bugged me.  SO  we figured we would try something different and laid down a concrete floor.  The concrete was laid down with a trowel to give it some texture and then we stained it with one coat of “oak” and then laid down an epoxy sealer over the top.  The stain manages to gives off about six different shades of color because of the texture of the floor.  The pictures look pretty good but you’ve really got to see it in person – it could be mistaken for granite.