October 2009

After Church Hangout

Posted on October 25, 2009 at 11:11 pm in

The ‘official’ name is Afterglow but I have a mental hangup on that word so I whined until they changed it to “Hangout” for me :) A good chunk of the youth group from our church came over after Sunday night’s service to get some eats, play some games, and generally hang out. It was a great time; I know I’m going to sound like an old geezer but I was really impressed with how well-behaved and cool all the “kids” were – I expected at least one or two of them to be snotty but they all seemed super nice. The foosball and pool tables saw more action than they’ve seen all year; the PS3 got to actually play some games instead of just serving as my media center. And I’m forgetting something……oh yeah! Bella was just beside herself with joy to have all these kids over just to see her.

Killian Farm Antique Engine & Tractor Show – 2009

Posted on October 17, 2009 at 4:38 pm in

Well this was a first – instead of a car show, a tractor show. The weather was a little iffy but it has been raining for the last two weeks straight and it stopped for today so while it was cold, at least it was dry.  One thing that really caught me off guard was finding out that the property is owned by a Steve and Carol Lee which happens to be the name of my parents.

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