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Posted on 1 June 2010 at 2:53 pm in Uncategorized.

This whole blog thing started out as an experiment several years ago.  It’s been quite a learning experience and I think I might have even been on the bleeding edge of publishing by live-blogging my daughter’s birth.  Today live-blogging happens at big events all the time (probably not births, still :) ) and so does sharing to as many publishing feeds as possible.

That’s where I’ve gotten a bit behind the curve on here; April and I would write a post on the blogs and that would be it – if you wanted to see it, you needed to come to the site and see it.  Maybe it’s time to send the posts to where the readers are…

I’ve decided to share this site and our daughter’s site to more of our friends and family by allowing the RSS feed to publish to facebook and twitter as they appear to be holding on longer than your ordinary passing fad.

I’ve always been down on those two services but if I have two blogs talking about personal stuff (obviously I am a complete narcissist, right?) – potentially to complete strangers – I suppose I shouldn’t knock other services that basically do the same thing.

BTW – if you do fall into the friends or family category and you’re on the twitter, you can follow there with @bellarose6107 and @pdl123456

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